Artistic Department

Of Gesher Theatre


Born and raised in Moscow. Kreindlin received her M.A in Theatre Management and Stage Directing from the Moscow Theatre Academy and later worked in Moscow's leading Theaters. In 1991, Lena Kreindlin left Russia and came to Israel to join Gesher Theatre's creative team. Throughout the years she directed: Medea (2005), Design for Living (2006), The Elder Son (2007), Othello (2015), Martyr (2016). Since 2007, Kreindlin serves as Gesher Theatre’s Director General.


Lena Kreindlin, photo by: Daniel Kaminsky




Roy Chen is an author, playwright, and translator. Since 2007 he has headed the Drama Department of Gesher Theatre. He has published four books, translated prose, classic fiction novels, and over 40 plays from Russian, French, and English into Hebrew, and represented Israel in book fairs around the world. His many adaptations for the stage and original plays were staged at the Gesher Theatre.
"Great uproar", his last novel was hailed as prophetic due to the last chapter where a war is predicted to break out.


Roy Chen