based on Homer's  Greek epic poem "The Odyssey"


It turns out that within The Odyssey, the greatest adventure story of all times, lies the simple story of a family: A father who won the war and needs to get home, and a mother and child who wait for him to return. Each one of these characters goes through a journey, an odyssey.

A modern day Dad has to travel abroad for ten days and gives his son a magical book.

”…if you read this book time will go by faster…” he promises.

The book tells the tale of King Odysseus who went to war with Troy and won. Now that he has won he hurries to make his way back home to his wife and son, but his journey becomes longer and turns into an Odyssey.

Odysseus, the mythological hero and his brave friends go through many adventures ,some scary, others funny, and each adventure is a lesson, allegory or a pondering dream. They have to face giant Cyclops and seductive sirens, solve riddles and make tough choices, and cross the kingdom of the dead while dealing with their longing for home. As they deal with their journey and longing for home, so does the boy waiting at home for his father ; And the children in the audience.”…when will dad return?…” the Boy asks his Mother who explains to him that “…sometimes waiting is also an odyssey…”

The Odyssey by Homerus isn’t just an ancient Greek myth, it is also the basis for all of the adventure/journey tales we know. Along with a touching family story that appeals to us all- A father trying to get home and a Wife and Son waiting for him with all of their might.

First Performance - April 16, 2014

Running time: 1 hour and 30 minutes, with no intermission










Written by : Roee Chen
Director : Shir Goldberg
Music : Daniel Salomon
Set Design : Alexander Lisyansky
Costume Design : Polina Adamov
Light Design : Martin Adin
Choreography : Sharon Gal
Voice and speech : Yonny Lucas
Assistant Director : Daniel Styopin
Executive Producer : Roman Kvetner
Odysseus/Udi, the father: Gilad Kletter
Penelope/Shir, the mother/Circe/Serena: Neta Shpigelman/Michal Vainberg
Telemachus/Tal : Noam Frank
Beau /Gadi, the neighbor : Alexander Senderovich
Elpenor, coward, misses his dog: Daniel Styopin
Eurylochus, liar, musses his love : Ori Yaniv
Perimedes, hothead, misses his mother: Yuval Yanai
Cyclops/Grand-grandfather from Kingdom of the dead : Vitaly Fux
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“Gesher theatre’s first children’s play is characterized with great acting, excellent writing and a serious and respectable treatment of the subject, audience and itself…bottom line: you took your children to a fascinating play and gave yourself a pat on the back for the classical education you gave them….” 


 “A wonderful and unforgettable play. GO SEE IT!"

Yedioth Aharonot

 "Everything Children's theater can and should be ... A charming play in every aspect"


 "A high quality theatrical production... Every detail in the show is magic... A magical fairytale"


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