Gesher Theater

In 1991, in pursuit of artistic freedom, Yevgeny Arye immigrated to Israel from Moscow and, together with a group of Russian actors, founded Gesher Theater.
Arye received his education in Psychology from Moscow State University and an M.F.A. in Theatre and Directing from St. Petersburg Institute of Theatre, Music and Film. He worked for many years as a director of leading theaters in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Riga and as a Professor at the Russian Academy of Theatrical Arts, Moscow.
Under Arye’s leadership - as the theater’s Artistic Director and the moving spirit behind it – Gesher Theatre won a place of prominence in the Israeli cultural scene and was hailed as one of the best theaters in the world.
Its more than 60 productions – directed mostly by Yevgeny Arye – received numerous awards and rave reviews.
Gesher, which in Hebrew means bridge, signifies the bridging of the many cultures and languages present in Israel: Yiddish, Arabic, Farsi, Spanish, Amharic, Russian, French and English. Moreover, the performances are always accompanied by subtitles in multiple languages. The troupe’s unique theatrical language combines the principles of venerated Russian theater tradition with an original and innovative approach.
Today, having broken through all the barriers, Gesher theater sees its sole task as presenting Jewish Israeli cultural heritage all over the world.


Jaffa Fest 2018

26.4.2018 - 2.6.2018



Last but not least – credit is due to the support of the City of Tel-Aviv – Jaffa and its mayor, the Israeli Ministry of Culture and to the dedicated work of "The Friends of Gesher Theatre” Organization under its Chairman Mr. Israel Makov and the Director Mrs. Ruthy Heilpern.

Congratulation of the President of Israel Mr. Reuven Rivlin

to Gesher Theater 

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