Based on a novel by Sholem Aleichem


Play by: Noga Ashkenazi

Directed by Amir I. Wolf

Stage design: Adam Keller

Costume design: Vanya Bowden

Music: Ronnie Reshef

Light design: Alexander Sikirin

Stage movement: Talia Beck

Voice and speech: Yonny Lukas

Assistant director: Hadas Sher


"Everything said in Marienbad is heard in Warsaw. And if in Marienbad someone sneezes - in Warsaw he will be told: "Bless you!"


Cast: Doron Tavori, Israel (Sasha) Demidov, Roni Einav, Alon Fridman, Neta Shpigelman, Svetlana Demidov, Lilian Ruth, Dor Michaeli, Hilel Capon, Paolo E. Moura, Vitali Fux, Alexander Senerovich, Henry David, Carmel Kandel, Angela Steingart

Pianist: Boris Zimin

Wealthy Warsaw Jews, who's health is" torn up" and life is too tiring and requires rest, go to Marienbad resort. There, at the healing springs, on the strictest diets of the best European doctors, they will restore their exhausted strength and get rid of excess weight. Their letters home are full of complaints about the grueling resort regime. They are literally tortured with hunger and tormented by endless gymnastics ...  In fact, in this charming little town, full of temptations and pleasures, "exhausted" ladies, along with newly acquired gentlemen, lead a stormy life full of intrigue, gourmand and merriment.


This correspondence is not a novel, but a confusion in 36 letters, 14 love notes and 46 telegrams, presented in the book of Sholom Aleichem with his inherent irony and humor, causes an incredible turmoil and threatens the life not only of the Jewish community, but also the sacred Institution of marriage. After all, what happens in Marienbad never remains in Marienbad.



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