A play about the first love


The performance is canceled - the main actors disappeared.

Grandfather Zeev who came to the theatre with his grandchild Neri happened to be an actor. He wishes to go on stage and replace the missing actors. He persuades his grandson, who isn't in favor of this idea, to participate in a very dangerous and amazing journey to his grandfather's past. But Neri loves his grandfather, so he has no choice: he agrees to play the role of Zeev as a child. But to tell the story they need a girl…

Grandma Shoshana came to the theatre with her granddaughter Noa who's a great  fan of arts. They both volunteer to perform this evening.

The children perform the story of the first love of Zeev and Shoshana which is inextricably linked with the spirit of theater. But in order to create this magic, unique, unforgettable spirit all the children will have to participate in their romantic journey... Because only when you believe in the spirit of theatre - the magic happens!

"Spirit of Theatre" is a play for everybody who is, was or will be in love.


Premiere: October 18, 2016

Running time: 1 hour 15 minutes, with no intermission


Written by: Roee Chen
Director: Amir I. Wolf
Set design: Adam Keller
Costume Design: Ophir Hazan
Music: Roni Reshef
Lighting design: Alexander Sikirin
Sound Design: Michael Vaysburd
Choreography: Miri Lazar
Voice and Speech: Yonny Lucas
Assistant Director: Sharon Burstein-Bichachi
Grandpa Zeevik (Wolf)/Forest Man/Baron/Father: Doron Tavori
His grandson Neri/Wolf in childhood: Geva Solo
Grandmother Shoshana (Rosalind)/Forest woman/Baroness/Mother: Gita Monte/Natasha Manor
Her granddaughter Noga/Rosalinda in childhood : Ruth Senderovich/Yaara Gafni
Asher/Horse / Bear/Frog/Peacock/Two-headed dog : Gilad Kletter

“A must see” play for children” GLOBES

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