An imaginary biography inspired by the character of Alice from Carroll’s famous book, the real Alice Liddell who was his inspiration and another Alice- a woman.

A suppressed love story that can only manifest in wonderland and is sentenced to crash on the rocks of reality. Shreds of childhood innocence and the death of childhood reflected through the looking glass of Alice, a child, a girl, a woman.

What is the moral? “if there is a moral- it’s not Lewis Carroll!”

 That was written by an English author, Charles Dodgson he went by the pen name Lewis Carroll, to any of the dozens of young girls he used to correspond with.

“The whole thing is a dream,” Carroll told the dramatist Tom Taylor, “but that I don’t want revealed till the end.”

Beginning with a rabbit that disappears and reappears, like a magic trick that has infiltrated real life, Carroll’s story develops by generating a real dream’s characteristic mixture of vagueness and vividness. Nothing remains the same for long. Even words start to blur into each other. “Did you say ‘pig’ or ‘fig’?” asks the Cheshire Cat, who appears only after the Caterpillar has disappeared. (In real life a caterpillar becomes a butterfly; in dreams a caterpillar becomes a cat.)
Usually it is an empty cliche to say that someone writes like a dream, but this is exactly what Carroll tried to do. His story pulled apart the world around him and reassembled it in a crazily jumbled form.

First Perfomance: 12/3/2015


Running time: 1 hour and 30 minutes, with no intermission

Play by: Roee Chen
Director and Set Designer: Yehezkel Lazarov
Music: Efrat Ben-Tzur
Costumes: Alin Lazarov
Musical Arrangements: Efrat Ben-Tzur, Omer Hershman
Assistant Director: Tamir Etting
Set Technology: Zohar Shoef
Multimedia: *
Director: Yehezkel Lazarov
Cameraman: David Streizhmeister
Light: Nadav Barnea
Video Mapping Editor: Felix Offerman
Video Editing: Eitan Vardi
Assistant Cameraman: Yair Halper
Special Effects: Yuval Kedem
Producer: Tamir Etting
Executive producer: Roman Kvetner
Alice, the girl: Bar Sade
Alice, the teenager: Neta Shpigelman
Alice, the woman: Efrat Ben-Tzur
The White Knight: Doron Tavori
Psychologist 1/Tweedledee: Eldad Prives
Psychologist 2/Tweedledum: Ori Yaniv
Humpty Dumpty/Alice's husband: Alexander Senderovich
Alice's father: Boris Akhanov
Alice's mother: Lilian Ruth
The Mad Hatter/the Baby-pig: Paulo E. Moura
The Dormouse/the Man with Soup: Shir Shenar
The March Hare/the Man with a Baby: Henry David
The Cheshire Cat: Alon Fridman

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