A Play by: John Cariani
Hebrew version: Shahar Segal
Director and Set Designer: Michael Kramenko

The Gesher Theatre adaptation of John Cariani's romantic comedy Almost, Maine consists of a series of short, interconnected vignettes about the taciturn residents of a small city united by their heartsick yearnings, lonely-eyed confusions, and the presence of the aurora borealis floating above them in the night sky. It is a story about, to say it simply, love - how it’s lost, found, and reformed, and its life, existence, and death. John Cariani develops different scenarios detailing the people in the town on one frigid winter night and their falling in and out of love. It’s quirky, it’s sweet, and an all-out great show.

Music: Loren de Paz
Costume Design: Oren Dar
Light Design: Nadav Barnea
Stage movement: Eldad Prives
Sound Design: Michael Vaisburd
Voice and Speech: Yonny Lucas
Vocal: Doki Atzmon
Assistant Director: Yulia Tagil
Cast: Ido Mosseri, Carmel Kandel, Dor Michaeli, Noa Ar-Zion, Eldad Prywes, Yana Adamovsky, Lena Reutova, Pavel Davidovich

Date: May 24 at 20:00
Location: Gesher Theatre
Running time: 1 hours and 30 minutes without intermission

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"Theatrical Magic… in its demonstrative non-eralism, Gesher Theatre's "When Winter Comes" is theatrical entertainment at its best." (Haaretz)

"A picture play that made history in the United States and the world lands here in a beautiful version at Gesher Theatre. In the brilliant Hebrew version by Shahar Segal… when you see the play - and clearly you'll see it – you will learn what happens when in love, when you fall and awaken in a city that has suddenly frozen…" (Habama)

"A powerful experience, moving and recommended." (Maariv)

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