A comedy based on Shalom Aleichem
Adapted by: Noga Ashkenazi
Directed by: Amir Wolff

"Everything talked about in Marienbad is heard in Warsaw, and should someone sneeze in Marienbad – they'll answer 'bless you' in Warsaw."

The Rich Jews of Warsaw have decided to travel to the resort town of Marienbad and do as the "Goyim" (gentiles) do on the face of it, and lose weight. In their letters home they describe a rigid routine of physical activity and little food, but in reality, Marienbad is a place of pleasure and luxury, with plenty of food, drinks, card games and matchmaking.

An exchange of letters based on the sarcastic and entertaining writings of Shalom Aleichem creates an entanglement that threatens to destabilize the life of the Jewish community and the institution of marriage, because what happens in Marienbad doesn't always stay in Marienbad…

Cast: Doron Tavori, Israel (Sasha) Demidov, Roni Einav, Alon Fridman, Neta Shpigelman, Svetlana Demidov, Lilian Ruth, Dor Michaeli, Hilel Capon, Paolo E. Moura, Vitali Fux, Alexander Senerovich, Henry David, Carmel Kandel, Angela Steingart

Pianist: Boris Zimin

Date: May 12 at 20:30
Location: Gesher Theatre
Running time: 1 hours and 40 minutes without intermission

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Select telegraphs from Shalom Aleichem's story:

Shlomo Kurlander, Warsaw to Beltsi Kurlander, Marienbad
No letter for a long time. Where to write? Marienbad? Frantzbad? Ostende? Worried. Telegraph. Solomon

Velvel Yamaiker Warsaw to Pearl Yamaichiha, Marienbad
Letter received. Kishniev match good. Telegraphed congratulations. Travel fast train Marienbad.

Velvel Yamaiker, Warsaw to Pearl Yamaichiha, Marienbad
Telegraph received. Don't understand. Why Kishniev groom? Why two girls? Where third? Who back Warsaw? Telegraph. Wolf

Shlomo Kurlander, Marienbad to Shlomo Kurlander, Warsaw
Yamaichiha ttelegraphed, suddenly Beltsi disappeared. I went Marienbad, I went Ostende. Returned Marienbad. Searched Beltsi. Telegraphed all. No one telegraphs. Who home? Telegraph where Beltsi? Travel to Kishinev? Telegraph urgently.

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