The story of the residents of a small village in Israel in the 1940s, their loves, worries and pleasures as experienced by Yossi, a naive adolescent who never grows up. Yossi's day-to-day life and the lives of his relatives interest him more than grave national issues, until those invade his world and destroy it. The play unfolds with warmth, affection, humor and sadness in a corner of Israel where man, despite his destiny, comes out a winner. 


First Perfomance: 30/3/2013

Running time: 2 hours, with 1 intermission



Village was first staged in 1996.

The show travelled all over the world:

May 1997 –Great Britain tour, London Festival;

March 1998 – Berlin Festival, Germany;

May 1998 – Lincoln Festival, New York;

October 1998 – Rome Festival, Italy;

October 1998 – Melbourne Festival, Australia;

October 1999 – Dublin Festival, Ireland;

November 2002 – Riga, Latvia and Spotkania Festival, Warsaw;

October 2002 – Moscow Art Theatre, Russia.




By: Joshua Sobol
Director: Yevgeny Arye
Supporting Director: Lena Kreindlina
Set Design: Alexander Lisiansky
Costumes: Anna Khruscheva, Anna Itzkovich
Music : Avi Benjamin
Lighting: Avi Bueno Iona (Bambi)
Puppets: Ester Pekar
Dramaturge: Miriam Yahil-Wax, Ph.D
Assistant director for voice and speech: Yonny Lucas
Stage manager: Tatiana Sukhanova
Yossi, an eternal child : Israel (Sasha) Demidov
Ami, his brother : Henry David
Haim, their father, a farmer: Miki Leon
Rivka, his wife : Natasha Manor
Itzhak, her brother : Alexander Senderovich
Leah Breslavsky, their mother : Maria Belkina
Dr. Erde, a country doctor : Gil'ad Kletter
Clara Erde, his wife : Neta Shpigelman
Dassi, their daughter: Roni Einav
Berman, a schoolteacher : Yevgeny Terletzky
Sayid, an Arab. A trader in manure : Vitaly Fux
Roberto, an Italian POW: Ori Yaniv
Alberto, an Italian POW : Paolo Eduardo Moura
Captain Drury, a British officer : Yuval Yanai
Sonya, a holocaust survivor : Svetlana Demidova
Frau Dankeschoen : Adi Etzion-Zak
Rabby Schatz : Boris Akhanov
Ditza, A goat : Ruth Rasiuk
Indik, a turkey : Alon Fridman
Cinema Operator : Vadim Ilyin

Press Reviews

Gesher, headed by a Russian-born director, Yevgeny Arye, has rapidly established itself as Israel’s most important and innovative theatre.

The New York Times

Visitors from K’far steal the show.

The Australian, Melbourn

…with Gesher there is absolutely no doubt about it: The company now constitutes one of the world’s leading ensembles and you would be mad to miss it.

The London Observer

Gesher is already being talked of as one of the world’s leading companies.

The London Times

See it or you miss out on a most significant, influential theatrical experience.

The Stage

Israel’s Gesher Theatre Company are extraordinary.

The Daily Telegraph

The brilliant Gesher Theatre production is powerfully evoked by the great ensemble company.

Jewish Chronicle

Village at Gesher is magical event.

The encounter with Sobol’s plot transformed by the magician – director Yevgeny Arye is astonishing.


Village is an enchanted dream… I don’t know if this is the best show of the year or of the decade. All I know is that I haven’t seen such a show in my life.

The Globe’s Weekly

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