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Radio Trip │ Opening Set

Ofer "Schoolmaster", Tal and Uri "Mixmonster" Wertheim – the members of "The Apples" band, avid record collectors and walking music encyclopedias in an opening set composed of a wide range of influences – eastern European music, Arab, Greek, Turkish and of course Israeli.


System Ali Ensemble

System Ali is a multi-language hip hop ensemble of ten musicians who create in four languages: Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and English – all the mother tongues of the band members. The ensemble was formed in 2006 in a public shelter in the Jaffa Ajami neighborhood.  Later the band formed the System Ali House, a music center for youths in Jaffa, with the aim of promoting, developing and providing a stage for a new generation of local musicians, Jewish and Arab, while encouraging encounters and creative collaboration.



Amir Egozy and Eyal Rob

Amir Egozi is a "Radio Hakatse" broadcaster and a resident of the Breakfast Club. Eyal Rob is a lecturer, writer and Dj born in Jaffa and ever since searching and exploring the groove in the allies of Jaffa.


Date: June 2, 13:00 – 19:00

Location: Café Casino San Remo (Gesher Theatre Plaza)

Running time:  5 hours 

03-5157000 Yerushalaim Blvd. Tel-Aviv - Jaffa 68114 Israel