Theatre of Nations, Moscow

Directed and Adapted by: Robert Lepage
Starring Evgeny Mironov and with the participation of Vladimir Malyugin
Set Design: Carl Fillion
Costume Design: Fransois St-Aubin
Sound and Music: Josue Beaucage
Video: Lionel Arnould

Winner of the Golden Mask (2014) for Best Play, Actor of the Year and Set Design and Costume Design. Evgeny Mironov, the Theatre of Nations Artistic Director plays all the parts in the play.

"Hamlet’s problem is that he thinks too much. He fails to solve the problems he faces. The skull has become a symbol of the play, although, after all, the skull is a human’s head. I surely don’t have answers to my numerous questions. It was interesting to stage a play with a single actor, with one head." (Robert Lepage)

A unique artistic collaboration between Russia and Canada. The acclaimed Canadian director worked for two years with the renown Russian actor Evgeny Mironov on a play in which in effect all the tragic events happen to one person, in one person's head. A sophisticated cube stands on stage, never ceasing to surprise the audiences, like a Rubik's cube we have to crack.

The term collage appeared in the world of art around a hundred years ago. The artists of the previous century made use of the term collage – the Dadaists, cubists, surrealists and Russian avant-garde – in varied ways. The cubists for example brought foreign elements into their work, poster pieces, labels, and thus broke the painting space as a separate object. Since the dawn of time, man has been trying to explain the world to himself through symbols. Symbols are a model of reality. A cube, a square, these are also symbols.
Hamlet is trapped in a cube and he has to summon the characters in the Shakespeare play to him, one after the other, he will stab, poison and drown himself. All the events in the play take place in Hamlet's imagination. The audience is exposed to Hamlet as he sits in a lunatic asylum. Robert Lepage and Evgeny Mironov have created a tragedy of mythical proportions. Lepage has turned the play into a sophisticated riddle in which every image brings a surprise along with it. Central is of course the turning cube about which there was talk even before the play began running.

Date: May 31at 20:30 | June 1 at 20:00 | June 3 at 20:30
Location: Gesher Theater
Running time: 2 hour and 15 minutes, no intermission.
* The play is in Russian with Hebrew and English titles
* Ticket purchase at the Gesher Theatre website and box office

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