Yevgeny Arye

Artistic Director


Yevgeny Arye was born in Russia where he got his education in Psychology (M.A – Moscow State University) and Theatre (M.F.A. in Directing – St. Petersburg Institute of Theatre, Music and Film). He worked for years as a Director of leading theatres in Moscow, St.Petersburg and Riga and also as an Associate Professor at the Russian Academy of Theatrical Arts, Moscow.

1991 was a turning point in Yevgeny Arye's life, when he immigrated to Israel with a group of Russian actors and founded Gesher Theatre. Under his leadership - as the theatre's Artistic Director and the moving spirit behind it – Gesher Theatre won a place of prominence in the Israeli cultural scene and was hailed as one of the best theatres in the world. Its more than 60 productions – directed mostly by Yevgeny Arye– received numerous awards and raving reviews.

For his outstanding achievements,Yevgeny Arye received Honorary Doctorate Degrees from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Weizmann Institute and Bar Ilan University.

Lena Kreindlin

General Director

Was born in Moscow, where she received an M.A in Theatre Management and in Stage Directing from the Moscow Theatre Academy, and worked in leading theaters.

In 1991 Lena Kreindlin left Russia and came to Israel.

She became Assistant Director to Gesher's Artistic Director, Yevgeny Arye and directed: Medea (2005),Design for Living (2006), The Elder Son (2007), Office Romance with the collaboration of Yevgeny Arye (2009), Othello (2015), Martyr (2016).

Lena Kreindlin serves as Gesher Theatre's General Director since 2007.

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